You Can't Unfire A Gun And Things That Are Said, Can Never Be Unsaid

Never Be Unsaid

You can't unfire a gun, just as what you say, can never be unsaid. It lasts forever, much longer than the sting of a slap, the ache of punch. When car salesmen come writers Scott Straub and Greg Kinnear decide to live life on their terms and write the novels they need to write, they decide to hit the road and make it happen, once and for all. Along the way they explore the meaning in the lives they live and the dreams they share. There's adultery, suicide, bar fights, snake bites, floods, fire and the love of writing to be shared and survived, even savored.

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4.0 out of 5 stars How to become a writer January 8, 2014
Never Be Unsaid is a rollicking yarn about Scott and Greg who would be writers if only they could be. Instead of inspiration and best-sellers, they have wives, children, mortgages, a steady stream of bills, relatives and jobs as car salesmen to pay for it all. Their lives don’t inspire them to greatness and their jottings gather dust in a drawer.
Until one day, in a perfect storm of circumstances, they are suddenly free to live the dream. They will unleash the writers they have always had inside before suburbia suffocated the life out of them.
They hit the road for the adventure of a lifetime.
It isn’t very long before the road hits them back, and Greg and Scott are left in a caravan in the middle of nowhere squabbling about the housework, cultural differences, McDonalds, being conned by country bumpkins and discovering things about each other that should have been left unsaid and unknown.
As Greg says at the start of his journey:
"You can’t un-fire a gun. There is no way to tell the bullet to turn around and go back in the gun. In the same way you can’t un-say something. Once it is out of your mouth, it is said. Once said, it can never be unsaid. I can’t recall the specifics of what I said but I know it included physical violence and extra-marital sex—both far more easily forgiven and even forgotten than a sentence or two."
Perry Gamsby has written a novel rich in humour and pathos about men being men in modern times where the most huntin’ they will do is at the local supermarket but, on the odd occasion, sometimes a dream comes true—just not in the way Greg and Scott expected.

Who would have thought the Global Financial Crises, a lesbian wife and a suicidal boss would give car salesman by day, writer by night, Scott Straub, the chance he needed to live his dream? To join his fellow car selling, story writing Aussie mate Greg Kinnear and retreat to the Outback to do what they were born to do; to write. If only dreams came true exactly as they should!

This is a story about friendship, faith and feelings. It is about applied truth as we know it in the real world, a world where you can’t help falling in love with your best mate’s mate, changing your destiny with the stroke of a nipple and the click of a mouse. A story about how you can be forgiven for the things you do, but never for the things you say because something once said, can never be unsaid.

What do these all too real characters have to say to each other that is so electric, so explosive it will change everyone’s lives, forever?

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Another Great Work Of Literary Fiction From Author Perry Gamsby

Perry Gamsby, author of 'The Cool Side of the Pillow' and the 2012 Miles-Franklin Award entrant, 'Twenty Seven Seventy', has written another great novel, 'Never Be Unsaid'.

Perry Gamsby has written and published dozens of eBooks and hard copy editions of self help and How To books as well as novels and novellas. For NaNoWriMo 2011 he completed 'Twenty Seven Seventy', which was subsequently entered in the 2012 Miles-Franklin and Prime Minister's Literary Awards. For NaNoWriMo 2012 he was attending the Singapore Writer's Festival and travelling through S.E. Asia so no contribution that year. Perry offers every writer a chance to be read at for free. He also runs his own imprint, StreetWise Publications which sells on Smashwords, Amazon, Lulu and all the best sites. Perry holds a Doctorate in Contemporary Literature, a Master of Arts in Writing and a Diploma in Business. He presents courses in online writing and becoming published at two major community colleges and online via distance learning. Perry Gamsby is a former soldier, bodyguard, self defence instructor, salesman and ESL teacher who lives in Sydney with his wife and five daughters.

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Never Be Unsaid

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